Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Will you marry me?"

It gets me every time. Hearing the story of how people get engaged. How did he say it? Where was it? Did he ask your dad first? I love every.single.detail! I read this blog every day and NEEDED to write about this entry, this couple gets engaged, and every detail is caught by the brides best friend who is lurking in the weeds about 100 yards away. How cool is that?! It's so special and sweet that this groom would think to ask his girlfriends best friend to take photos of the entire engagement, I love it :)

Here are some photos from that article...

What is your engagement story?


  1. Aww that's sweet! It's great when the moment is captured.. Chase proposed to me in Mexico on our last day.. we were just going for a last stroll before leaving for the airport.. I asked an australian tourist to take a picture of us, and then he asked! That wasn't specifically the plan, but it turned out to be a perfect proposal! Getting engaged is the craziest feeling ever, too.. afterwards, we were both speechless.. and a little shaky! The feeling is bizarre, in a wonderful way!

  2. So cute Ashley!! I saw the pictures on your website and was wondering how he conveniently got someone to take a picture right when he was on his knee :) You're a lucky girl!