Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Beautiful May Wedding

Ashley and I have been friends since middle school and I couldn't wait to blog about her wedding. Her and Chase literally make the "all-american couple" and their wedding was just stunning. Here are a few glimpses from her day, more photo's to come.

Wedding Day Diamonds

The Dress
The Wedding Shoppe

The Wedding Party Apparel
The Wedding Shoppe and Saavi Formalwear

Ceremony and Reception
It was May 26, 2012. The ceremony was at a church in St. Louis Park. Chase and I didn't belong to a church, but it seemed like such an easy venue for a wedding.. we were going to do an outdoor wedding, but that is just too scary in Minnesota. So we found a church that marries without having to be a member. The reception was at the Minneapolis Golf Club which was beautiful, and very fairly priced. 

Ashley Nichole Photography

Hair and Make up
Hair done by a friend of the bride
Make up done by Jessica Cook

 Candlelight Floral in Wayzata

What was your favorite part of the day?
 Getting ready with my girls, and the speeches. But also, after all of the tasks of the day were finished (cake cutting, bouquet toss etc..) and I was really able to just dance and be with everyone I loved.. and the photo booth! That was probably the most fun.

What was the hardest part about planning your wedding?
It was very overwhelming for me. I was that little girl that dreamed of her wedding for years! But when it all came down to it, and picking all of the options and styles.. (rustic outdoors, classic church, destination) I became very indecisive and overwhelmed. With all of the information overload on choices and fresh ideas all over the internet, it just became difficult to make decisions. I even changed the color of the bridesmaid dresses 3 months after I ordered them! In the end, it all came together perfectly.

What would you do differently?
 I actually just told Chase that I really wish this was just a practice run, because I would be able to do it so much smoother a second time around! I think I’d be more organized, and be able to know what I want better, and really be able to make decisions better. I also wish I listened to everyone when they say that your fiance' won’t be very involved. I truly thought Chase would be different. He wasn’t. It was all a headache to him. Until he saw all that I did and all of the details come together, he didn’t realize why we had to do all of this stuff.  Materialistically, if I did it all over again, I would’ve splurged for a band. The DJ was fun, but a band probably would have been worth it.

Who helped you the most with planning?
My mom, who isn't your "martha stewart" mom, but overall she did a wonderful job getting girly and it was fun doing the cake tastings and dress shopping trips with her.
My aunts helped with all of the decorations, all DIY, and they turned out beautifully.
Of course, Miss Jennifer Olson, my maid of honor. We have been planning our weddings since we were about 10, and I certaintly couldn't have done it without her.
Also, Chase's stepmom, Ashley Wall (photographer/friend), and pretty much all of my bridesmaids or close girlfriends helped a lot just calming me down, organizing, or ideas.

What was one thing you absolutely needed at your wedding?
The photobooth and videographer.  The videographer my aunt had suggested, as she wished that she had one for hers. My fiance thought it wasn’t necessary, but if I could find one decently priced, it’d be ok. I ended up finding one on craigslist. It was his first wedding and he did an AMAZING job. I wouldn’t take it back for anything. He created a 15 minute video that summarizes the whole day, and the best part is he had my dad’s speech narrate it. It’s beautiful. The photo booth I knew that I wanted.. it’s fun for all ages.
Check out Ashley's amazing wedding video here:

The Engagement
Chase proposed to me in Mexico on our last day.. we were just going for a last stroll before leaving for the airport.. I asked an Australian tourist to take a picture of us, and then he asked! That wasn't specifically the plan, but it turned out to be a perfect proposal! Getting engaged is the craziest feeling ever, afterwards, we were both speechless.. and a little shaky!
(I had to share a few photos from the engagement as well)

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