Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cutting Costs with no DJ

Now days everyone has an iPod, and a lot of the time your reception venue will offer a sound system to play your own music, no DJ nessecary.

Pros of providing your own music:
* You can choose what playlist you want.
*You wont have to worry about a DJ playing a song you hate, or one that reminds you of your ex.
* You will save up to $1000 or more by doing it yourself.
*You can play the songs in the order that you like, when you want.

Cons of providing your own music:
*You may upset your guests by playing what you like and not giving them a chance to request.
*The music system may fail, then what? 
 *What if you forget a song or two, or run out of music before the night is through?
*You must select someone to start the iPod, lower the volume, raise the volume etc. The last thing you want to be doing on your day is working the machine.
*The venue may charge a fee for using their system. 

Overall, providing your own music and skipping your DJ is completely up to you, it could save you lots of money in the end, but may also provide unnecessary stress on your day.

Tips on providing your own tunes-
Test the music system multiple times and make sure everything checks out.
Research music, typical wedding music, even if it's not your cup of tea, your guests may want something regular.
Make sure you select low key, quiet music for dinner and speech time.
Pick a family member or a friend to run the iPod so you're not worrying about it.

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