Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wedding Planning Update!

This past week I traveled to Houston to visit my cousin and officially help her with her wedding planning. So many things were accomplished and so many things were learned. I want to share our cake tasting experience...

We originally had three cake tastings in one day and realized that was unnecessary and dropped it down to just two tastings. At our first location the cake was AMAZING but we quickly realized that the mannerism of the company and the awkward man leading our appointment made this place NOT the right place for Stefanie's wedding.

NOTE: Make sure you feel comfortable at your appointments. Make sure they can fully answer all of your questions and make sure they are professional and know what they are doing. The last thing you want on your wedding day is some young kid getting lost delivering your cake.

(The man leading our appointment put all our cake on one plate and just let us dig in... it was hard to remember what flavor was what.)

My cousin ended up selecting Edible Designs by Jessie for her cupcakes. We (me, her maid of honor, her and her mom) all felt very comfortable in this appointment. The young man leading the appointment knew everything there was to know about the flavors. He selected photos for Stef and even added his own personal touches to each cupcake. We couldn't have been more satisfied and put down a deposit immediately.

She is doing a 6 inch round cake in Amoretto flavor for her and groom, and then original wedding cake with strawberry filling for half the cupcakes and dulce de leche cupcakes for the other half of the cupcakes.

We were so pleased when we left the appointment and super excited to check "order the cake" off her list of things to do. 

UP NEXT: Invitation selection

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