Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Random Color Combinations

A friend of mine is getting married and wants to have navy blue as her main color, but also loves the idea of using neutral colors (tans, beige's, pastels). That got me to thinking, why choose just one main color theme, when you can have multiple?

My suggestion to brides wanting two or several different colors is to incorporate them in the littlest places. For instance, if you want navy blue bridesmaids dresses but love the idea of nuetrals, why not have your maids wear neutral shoes or give the guys neutral ties to go along with their navy dresses?

Some brides want vibrant and drastic color schemes. For instance, cherry and teal. Even though these colors are completely opposite, they look amazing in photos. Maybe let your wedding party wear all cherry or all teal but incorporate the opposite color in your flowers or shoes. Invitations, napkins, or put the smallest hint of color on your place cards are the easiest ways to add small pops of color.

Sometimes brides don't have a favorite color, or maybe they just don't want any sort of color scheme. Not using a color scheme is especially clever when you don't have a wedding party or when your wedding is very small. Make sure everything somewhat matches, but you don't necessarily need to have wedding colors.  Here's a link to a wedding where a bride didn't use any color pallet.

One thing is for sure when choosing a color scheme, don't do anything too drastic that you could regret years down the road. Make your color pallet original enough to stand out but not so drastic that it looks horrible in photos.

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