Friday, November 16, 2012

Fun Tux Ideas

Everyone's always talking about the bride, but what about the groom? And his guys? I think a good tux or unique groomsmen outfit can really make a wedding party. I came up with a few ideas to make sure your groom and groomsmen look really sharp.

1. Make the best man stand out.
Give the best man a unique tie, something with stripes or paisley. Give him a different color vest than the other guys, make sure everyone knows that he is a special part of your day. Put a the sash on your maid of honor and have it be the same color as his tie, but different then the rest of the bridal party.

2. Give your groomsmen fun socks to wear, it'll make for a great picture.

3. Don't make them wear tuxedos at all.
Find a solid dress shirt and a colorful tie, with some dress slacks, much more casual and comfortable. And cheap!

4. Bow ties and suspenders!
Who doesn't love bow ties? It's classy and fun, plus what other time will these guys get to wear a bow tie? Dress the bow ties up or add suspenders to dress it down.

5. Give your groom a lighter or darker version tux than the groomsmen.
This way he stands out just enough in photos.
(all photos from Pinterest)

There are plenty of ways to make sure your bridal party looks unique and great in pictures. Usually brides pay the most attention to their maids, but give your guys some attention too. And better yet, let your groom decide what he wants to wear and what he wants his men to wear. This will be an easy way to let him have a say in the wedding planning. 

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