Thursday, December 5, 2013

Planning a Wedding in 3 Months!

My friend recently got engaged and booked her venue for February 15th, she basically has 3 months to plan everything. At first I thought, there's no way, but now that planning has evolved I realize you really can plan a wedding quickly if you have to. I have a few tips on how to plan a wedding at record speed, all the tips are inspired by my friend who is more than half way done planning and was engaged a month ago.

1. Book your venue ASAP.
This is the hardest, most expensive item on your list of things to do, get it out of the way.

Creeks Bend Golf Course, where Larissa is getting married.

2. Have a winter wedding.
All the vendors, venues, photographers, etc. are really slow this time of year and will most likely have openings.
Sapphire blue and silver is the perfect winter wedding pallet.

3. Don't be picky.
When you have limited time, you cannot be picky. Get a sheet cake, get your dress at a consignment store, pick up your flowers personally from a local florist.

4. Have a small wedding party and a small wedding.
The less people you have to worry about, the better.

5. Consider consignment.
Look into used goods for your centerpieces, or a used wedding dress, even used bridesmaids dresses will help you save on time.
Bridal Consignment in Bloomington is a great Minnesota location with lots of used bridal items.

6. Give yourself 5 tasks a week.
Find a calendar and give yourself 5 simple tasks a week.
"This week: order cake, get tuxes, search centerpieces, look at hair ideas, register."

If you can accept that not everything is going to be perfect you can definitely plan a wedding in minimal time.

Days 'til my friends wedding: 79

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  1. Sal! I didn't know you wrote this! I love it! thanks for the weekly lists of things to do :) can't wait for our wedding day!