Friday, March 27, 2015

My Wedding Planning... Finally!

I'm excited to finally share my very own wedding planning journey. Wedding planning is literally my obsession, it consumes my mind, so to think I finally get to plan my own wedding makes me SO, SO, SO happy!

One day I'll share my engagement story.. but for now I want to talk about finding the perfect venue on a budget and explain how hard it's been for me.

It's so easy for me to point brides in the right direction when they're looking for a venue, because it's not my money they're paying with :) But, I will be responsible for paying for our entire wedding. I'm a pro at doing things cheap, but it's VERY hard when you have a vision in your head and you don't want to settle. With that said, I understand my wedding is only one day and spending $20k+ isn't an option.

So, I have broken out my budget and realize I can only spend about $700 on a venue, with a $4000 or less food and beverage minimum. This is nothing, unless I want a VFW wedding or know someone who has a backyard for us to get married in, which we don't want. I have found a handful of venues that fit the price range, I've looked at a couple with my mom and bridesmaids but this weekend will be the first time my fiance' sees a venue, it should be interesting to finally get his opinion.

Here are the two venues we want to look at this weekend, with a few pros and cons!

Pros:                                                                           Cons:
*Amazing garden ceremony location                        *above budget
*full length windows inside                                      *lots of restrictions and rules
*It's big!                                                                   
*Within a couple miles of a hotel 
*large dance floor

Pros:                                                                                    Cons:
*Within budget                                                                   *It's in Ramsey, 46 mins. north of home
*Very pretty outdoor patio area for ceremony                  
*It's big!
*Within a mile of hotel

I'll keep you guys posted. We plan on getting married in June 2016 so hopefully within the next few months we find our venue! Any suggestions would be appreciated


  1. I'm just diving back into the blogging world after a while, and wanted to get caught up on this! How is wedding planning going for you? Have you picked a venue? I'd love to hear more!

  2. Just posted! We just picked a venue! I missed your blogging, glad you're back :)

  3. Winter planning are just so amazing, they make me feel relax and cool in a Wedding Dress ;)