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I’ve been thinking a lot about centerpieces and how they’re a very important part of making your wedding unique and fun. Although, centerpieces can be very expensive and they tend to become pointless once the wedding is over.
Here are some quick, easy and cheap ideas for wedding centerpieces.

1.Use Fruit!
I’ve seen some brides incorporate apples, lemons, limes, pears, and even pumpkins into their centerpieces. It’s a very inexpensive way to fill your centerpieces with color. Plus, if you’d want you could create a bag with your monogram on it and the guests can fill the bag with the left over apples or fruit from the table to bring home with them as a favor.

(photo from www.projectwedding.com)

2. Use cupcakes.
You can purchase very inexpensive cupcake trays, sometimes the venue will even provide cupcake plates for your centerpieces. This can be used as a treat for the guests and as a centerpiece. Also, this is a nice idea if you’re not big on having a wedding cake.

3. Dye the water inside of vases.
Fill vases with water and drop a few drops of food coloring in the vase, any color of your choice. It makes the color pop without having to actually put something inside of your vase. Try finding vases at a local Goodwill or even renting them online from a location near you. Tie a ribbon around the vase and light a few candles, very inexpensive, plus you can donate the vases when you’re done with them.

4. Get flowers from a farmers market.
If you’re a lucky bride you’ll have lots of help the week before you’re wedding and it’ll be easy to pick your flowers from a local market. Have your friends and family help you cut them and keep them in water until the wedding day. Purchase or rent vases to put them in, or see if your venue will donate the ones they use. The only downside of this is that someone must transport the flowers on wedding day and make sure they don’t die before the time comes.

5. Fish.
I know it seems weird, but the kids at the wedding will love it. Go to a local pet store and purchase really cheap gold fish or beta fish, they usually have little fish bowls there too. Fill the bottom of the fish bowl with cheap water rocks and light candles around the bowl. Give them away to close friends and family with children to take home after the wedding as a pet.

(photo from www.wedding-flowers-and-reception-ideas.com)

6. Big table numbers.
Most guests will be looking for their table number to find where they sit at your wedding. Make your centerpiece your table number. Go to a craft store and purchase the big wooden numbers that prop up on the tables, paint them in your colors, wrap them in ribbon or even spray them with spray paint. Try propping the number on a charger plate and then put a candy of your choice around the number as your favor.

7. Incorporate cheesecake.
A lot of places online will cater cheesecake at your wedding; they’ll even provide the tower plates for the cakes. Use the cheesecake as your wedding centerpiece and your guests will love the idea of knowing what desert they’ll be eating after dinner.
My friend got hers from muddypawcheesecake.com

8. Candles and charger plates.
Small candles can be very formal if you incorporate them with a beautiful charger plate. Use all different sizes of candles on top of a silver or gold charger plate. Look on ebay.com or craigslist.com for former brides selling their old centerpieces.

9. Old photo’s of family.
Tell a story with your centerpiece by finding old wedding photos of your family members (probably a good idea that they’re still married). Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles, even friends. Buy matching 5x7 frames and put the pictures in the center of the table with a small note telling a story about the people in the photo. This will keep guest entertained while they’re waiting to be served.

10. Coffee Beans.
Fill vases with coffee beans. Go to a store that sells them in bulk, Sam’s Club or Cosco usually has good prices. Again rent your vases or find cheap vases online. This makes the reception hall smell of coffee beans and doesn’t stick to the typical “flower and candle” centerpiece idea.
My friend used coffee beans at her wedding.

Happy Planning!

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