Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wedding Colors of 2015

Sorry it's been awhile guys, I can't believe I haven't even blogged about MY engagement yet! (Finally, right?) One day I'll get to telling the entire story :) For now, since it's a new year, I'd love to share my favorite colors for 2015.

1. Black and Gold.
This is definitely a unique color combo for the year. I think it takes a special bride to use blacks, golds and silvers on her day, but it's actually really pretty when I see it. This combo is so sleek and sexy. You could even do a mascaraed theme!

2. Sage and Lilac.
I like this color scheme because there are plenty of brides who hate pink and girly themes, this is a color combo for those girls. It's still dainty and pretty but its not screaming "PRINCESS." 

3. Royal and Yellow.
Again, this color combination isn't girl at all. I feel like it'd be perfect for a military wedding or a wedding in the summer. It's fun and happy!

 4. Malibu Blue and Yellow.
Staying on the yellow theme... this one is much more girly and I think it'd be perfect for a beach wedding. 

5. Periwinkle and Grey.
Obsessed with this one. It's so pretty! You could even add pops of pink or sage green. Very unique. 

 6. Shale and Pink.
I love mixing blues with pinks and this color combo is completely different. It's elegant and soft. 

 7. Mint and Coral.
So much coral! Everyone loves coral, right? But this time it's mostly mint with little touches of coral. Very vibrant and springy.

8. Navy and Charcoal.
I'm thinking: New Years Eve wedding or late night ceremony.  Simple, easy. Add some nude or gold colors to add spice.

9. Burgundy and Nude. 
Perfect for a winter wedding! If you like red, but you don't LOVE red this look is good for you. 

10. Plaid.
I know... seems really trashy and weird but it's actually really cute! If you want to do the rustic theme but you're over the "burlap and lace" try plaid! Plaid table cloths, plaid ties, plaid with your dress. I love it.


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  1. Nice and beautiful wedding pictures. I am planning not to do anything traditional with my wedding. I want my Bridesmaid Dresses to all be different styles. and I want a purple wedding gown for my own..