Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Favors of Fun!

Personally I think favors are a huge part of a wedding and should definitely be thought about. These people are spending their money to give you a gift that you registered and asked for, the least you could do is give them a great wedding favor.

Here are my dos and don'ts of wedding favors... and some ideas as well!

DO give your guests something they will use.
Example: candy they can eat while listening to speeches at your wedding...
  Monogram suckers from Oriental Trading

DO give all of your favors a personal touch.
Luv Birds Personalized Mint Tin from favorsandflowers.com

DO tell your guests thank you.

 Thank you Match Books from Oriental Trading

DO think outside the box.

DON'T give your guests something they'll never use again.
DON'T waste a big chunk of your budget on wedding favors. 
In my opinion this is how much you should spend:
  $10,000 or less budget- $1.00 per person on favors
$15,000 budget- $1.50 per person on favors
$20,000 or more budget- up to $2.75 per person on favors

DON'T give your guests gender biased gifts.
Example: how many men will use a chap stick? or a candle?

DON'T skip favors all together... like I said these people are giving you a gift and celebrating with you, they deserve something too.

*Everything in this blog is my personal opinion. I am not a licensed specialist*  

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