Wednesday, February 27, 2013

9 Days!!

My cousin's wedding is 9 days away, I cannot believe we've been planning this thing for MONTHS, I thought the time would never come, this will probably be my final blog before I post how everything went.

I just received the final contract for the wedding to check over for my cousin and holy moly, things are getting legit. The floor chart is set, the timeline-- down to the minute, what food will be served, what songs will be played, etc. It's intense and I'm starting to get nervous. I'm usually telling my cousin to not get worried, but there's honestly so much to remember and do, plus I'd really like to enjoy the wedding myself... without having to work and worry the whole time.

Anyways, we had a little dilemma come up this week that I want to blog about in case it happens to any of my bride followers...

Stef received an email from an aunt of ours who asked when the wedding was and basically mentioned she'd be in Texas and love to come to the wedding, with her husband (our uncle) and her 3 boys. Most people understand that you cannot RSVP or say you're coming to a wedding a week before the date, but some people have no idea about wedding etiquette and don't know the process, so you have to be kind and honest with them.

Respond to these "late RSVP'ers" kindly by letting them know when your RSVP's were due and that unfortunately you cannot add anymore people to your seating chart or purchase anymore food for the day of because you already put in your final head count. Mention that they are more than welcome to come to the rehearsal or to lunch a few days before or after so you can catch up, etc. but it's too late at this time for you to add anyone else, and apologize.

Things like this do come up. And I'm sure we may have a problem with random guests arriving on the day of, adding plates and adding chairs, but you just can't stress about it and deal with it as it comes.

Hopefully everything flows smoothly...Time to get packing!

Isn't she going to be a gorgeous bride?!

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