Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Colors for 2013

It's that time of year again where I select my top 10 wedding colors for the upcoming year. Keep in mind that these are based off of my own opinion. These are colors I think will be popular in 2013. In no particular order...

1. Neutrals- the hottest trend right now is mis-matching bridesmaids dresses with baby's breath and creating a whole wedding around neutrals. 

2. Navy- Navy blue incorporated with yellow, red or even pink was very popular in 2012 and I think it will follow over through 2013.
3. Coral- Coral is so pretty, especially for beach or spring wedding. Try coral along side an aqua blue or even charcoal. 

4. Cherry Red and Teal or Aqua- I've said this before, these wedding colors are so cool together. Very fun, and they look great together in photos.

5. Pewter and Gold- For any season or any bride these two colors together are clean and crisp. Add small pops of color or all white flowers and your wedding will look very rich and elegant.

6. Ivory- for a bride who really doesn't have a favorite color or a wedding vision, you cannot go wrong with ivory, it's stunning.

7. Turquoise and Orange- it sounds crazy and bold, but these two colors will work together perfectly for a summer wedding. Pair an orange dress with turquoise shoes, or a turquoise dress with orange flowers. 

8. Navy and Fuchsia- In my head this doesn't sound good together, but honestly a navy dress next to a hot pink flower bouquet looks really great! (This was also a top pick of mine from 2012)

9. Eggplant and lilac- For all you purple lovers out there, the light shade of purple goes amazing with the dark shade.

10. Different shades of the same color- Everyone's doing it. Whether it's pink, blue, or even tan... put your bridesmaids in all different shades of the same color, it turns out great!

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