Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stressful Months

Every bride freaks out two or three months before their wedding day, it's natural. Of course you're thinking you have 90 things to do and there's no way in a million years you'll get it all done in time. Here's my tips to making sure the final months before your big day aren't chaos.

1. Set a timeline. Give yourself 3-4 tasks a week, whether it's confirming appointments, writing checks for caterers, filling candy bags, or making place cards. Accomplish a few tasks a week and it'll all pan out.

2. Do not procrastinate. Now is the time to get things done, you definitely don't want a list of things to do the week of your wedding.

3. Ask for help. Have your mom do the calling. Have your groom go to the tux place alone. Have your bridal party make the favors.

4. Take a day or two off of work to get some big things done. Still need to go to the photographer or baker to make final decisions? Still need your dress fitting done? Still need your hair trial done? Take a day off and do all these tasks in one day.

5. Do not panic. You have time you just have to stick by your timeline and ask for help. It'll all work out and don't stress over the little things, odds are in the end no one will notice all the little details you were freaking out about.

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