Tuesday, January 12, 2016

158 Days Away...

Just realized I haven't wrote since July, clearly I've been busy! Hope everyone had a good Christmas and new years, I just wanted to write a give a little heads up on the wedding planning, since were about 150 days out from the big day.

Last time I wrote I was looking for an officiant, booking my hotel rooms and searching for a dress. I'm excited that all stuff is done, and more. I also got the bridesmaids dresses picked out so I wanted to talk about that a little bit and give some helpful hints for other brides searching for bridesmaids dresses.

1. Making every bridesmaid feel comfortable and pretty should be your priority. 
Although you're the bride and you want what you want, ultimately, these girls are your friends/family and you want them to feel special too. I have been a bridesmaids far too many times so I know how uncomfortable it can be to try on dresses, especially when you're not really happy about your body. So, do your best as a bride to make sure they not only look good, but feel good too.

2. Understand your girls' body types. 
I've seen so many Pinterest photos of girls in sparkly, long, skinny dresses, but then I'm like, "these girls are clearly models, cause whose bridesmaids have perfect bodies like that?!" Pick a dress that flatters all their body types and if it doesn't, let them choose their style, just pick a color or fabric for them. It's okay if they don't match perfectly.

3. Explore all your options. 
As hard as it is getting all your girls together to go shopping, don't settle. During my bridesmaids shopping experience we were originally told by the consultant that a limited amount of dresses came in the color I chose, but when I looked further and found some swatches, I found out there was a plethora of dresses in a similar colors. I'm so glad I didn't settle on the first couple we liked, they were expensive and none of use were crazy about them.

Ultimately, we all agreed on this dress, but in the color Cerise, which is basically a hot coral pink. I love it and I hope they look as good when they come in April. Still working on finding my sister a floral dress, I'd like for her to stand out from the other girls.

 They are Jasmine Bridesmaids P156052.

Up Next:

*Finalizing menu on Saturday.
*Florist next Saturday.
*Pick a cake, find a baker.
*Reserve hotel room for night of wedding.
*Find ceremony music. 

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