Friday, July 10, 2015

Wedding Update!

Thought I'd check in and give you guys a heads up on my wedding planning!

So far were right on track, I could probably start doing a little more but my fiance's brother is getting married at the end of August and their wedding is our priority right now. So, after August, I'll start getting down to business!

We did get our photographer though, which is super exciting! I looked and looked and pinned photographers that I loved... but ultimately, I wanted someone within budget and someone who had done a wedding of a relative or friend. Referrals are always better in my opinion.

We went with Studio U Photography and Design. She had done my cousins wedding and a few people from high school's wedding too, so I know she's legit. Plus, I like her style! Our engagement photos are in October... will post when they're done.

Check out our photographer here!

Up Next:
*Book an officiant
*Reserve hotel room and blocks
*Start dress shopping!!!
*Research florist or decide if I want to make my own bouquets or do paper flowers

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