Friday, March 25, 2016

2016 Wedding Colors

I've been so busy planning my own wedding, I haven't had time to show you guys my favorite color combos for weddings this year.

So here we go...

1. Cobalt Blue and Fuchsia.
I have to start with my colors of course! I really wanted more of a hot pink and aqua blue but my fiance' and I agreed on this one more AND it's a lot easier to find fuchsia bridesmaids dresses rather than "hot pink". Surprising, right? These colors are bright, fun and very summery.

2. Mint Green and Grey (or cream).
A friend of mine is getting married in July and these are her colors, awesome right? I never think to put a bright color with a soft color, but it looks so good! Use lots of burlap, baby's breath, mason jars and moss for accents. Use purple as an accent color as well.

3. Deep Red and Moss Green.
Sounds like Christmas... but it's not! Perfect for a fall, winter or a Valentine's wedding. It's very romantic.

4.  Emerald and Gold.
This looks rich and classy to me. I'm obsessed.

5. Tiffany Blue and Tan. 
Another friend of mine is getting married the same day we are and these are her colors. So pretty! You could go two ways with this.. beachy or rustic. For beachy, I picture: seashells, sand, no shoes. For rustic: I like mason jars, baby's breath, tin buckets, etc. Try Tiffany blue dresses with cream shoes and white flowers!

6. Sage Blue and Light Pink (or peach). 
If I could go back and change my colors, this is probably what I'd pick. It's so soft and sweet. Perfect for a spring wedding. With accents of rose gold it would look amazing.

7. Navy Blue and Eggplant. 
When you think of these two colors in your head they totally don't go, or at least they don't in my mind. But then I saw them and loved it! It's dark and sort of sexy. Perfect for fall! Accent this with gold.

8. Slate Grey and Cream.
Can you say Fifty Shades of Grey? With lace? This is a very trendy color pallet.

9. Sequin. 
That's a color right? I think so! Sequin and sparkle is all the rage right now. I love it too but I think it's very hard to distinguish the difference between classy sequin and sparkle and Vegas showgirl. If you randomly pop in sparkle and have really hot bridesmaids, it's easy! If you put sparkle on everything, be careful, your guests might feel like they're in Las Vegas. Add sparkles to either your table cloths, bridesmaids dresses, vases, or candles but maybe not all of them.

10. Orange.
There are so many pretty shades of orange and you can put them with so many different accent colors, it's very unique. Cadmium orange is very pleasing with grey. Burnt orange and red for fall, coral orange and mint for summer, there are many different ways to use orange in your wedding pallet. 

*Images from Pinterest.

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