Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Dreaded RSVP

You guys! We're coming up on a month away from the wedding and the RSVP deadline date for guests is TOMORROW and I'm still waiting on over 30 RSVP's! It's driving me crazy. I have emailed guests and told my mom and dad to let their family know to send the RSVP, but still, people are slacking.

I've heard of these horror stories before where guests don't RSVP and then show up and another table is needed... well in my case, that is NOT an option. Our venue only seats 150.. we invited 156, knowing that at least 10 couldn't make it, but now I have about 30 that haven't even replied and 1 random guest that wasn't invited who decided they're coming (which is a whole other topic). And I'm stumped, I'm not sure what to do. Not to mention if we do add randoms who haven't RSVP'd that's $26 a person, and then what if they don't show... we could be out a lot of money.

I've been reading some blogs.. and some people say just to add a few extra place cards for randoms that show up. Some others say "F them! If they can't send a pre-stamped RSVP then they don't deserve a seat or a meal for that matter!" I just don't know what to do... but I do know from here on out, when I'm invited to a wedding I'm for surely sending that RSVP as soon as possible.

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