Thursday, October 18, 2012

Destination Drama

One of my friends recently asked me how I felt about destination weddings... This was my response:
"Destination weddings can be good especially if you aren't into details and you want the planning completely taken care of by the wedding coordinator, but if your family can't afford to come and you really want them there, then that could be a problem."

If you are considering a destination wedding, make sure you consider all your options:
*Does the location offer everything you need? Music, a ceremony site, a judge or officiant, a wedding coordinator, food??
*Do you care if a lot of your friends and relatives wont be at your wedding due to lack of funds?
*Do you care that a large portion of the details you may want might not be included? For example, you may want a specific flower in your bouquet, some islands may have to have that flower flown in from somewhere else... things could get expensive.

If you're a bride who has no "big wedding day dreams" (as I call them) then sure, go ahead have a destination wedding. They are easy, beautiful and can often be very cheap. But if you always dreamed of a huge party with all your family there and you love little details, then don't sacrifice just because you're scared to plan a wedding.

My top 5 Destination Wedding Locations:

5. Little Palm Island, Florida

4. The Bahamas

3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

2. Hawaii

1. Tower Isle, Jamaica

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