Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colors of 2012!

With each new year comes more ideas and more colors for weddings. I'm so excited to say that I've seen so many new color combinations and theme ideas for 2012. Here are my top 10 color combination of this up coming year.

1. Red and Sunflower. A real red color in coordination with a natural sunflower yellow is the coolest and most modern color combination of weddings lately. This combo is especially good for late September or early October weddings. I'm picturing a barn or farm, with lots of neutral background colors, it looks beautiful in pictures.

2. Deep Purple and Orange. Another good color combo for a fall wedding. These two colors are great because both colors coordinate with plenty of other colors, which means picking out floral arrangements will be a sinch.

3. Hot Pink and Aqua Marine. The perfect pair for a summer beach wedding. Cala Lily's and pink roses would look amazing next to hot pink bridesmaid dresses and the tuxes with aqua marine vests.

4. Pastel Pink and Pastel Purple. If you're wedding party is filled with fair skinned people then these two colors will be sure to make them all look good. Pink and purple both photograph really well, especially inside a Church.

5. Navy Blue and Yellow. I've seen a lot of brides doing these colors lately, especially those who have military relation.

6. Black and White. Obviously Kim Kardashian has had some impact on current brides (unfortunately). But truly black and white does make for a clean, crisp, enchanting wedding... throw in some paisley pattern and everything really comes together.

7. Lime Green. All green color shades really go with any other color. There are plenty of lime green table arrangement ideas, for instance use fruits like limes and lemons piled into a cylinder vase. The lime on the table will match your bridesmaids dresses perfectly.

8. Navy Blue and Hot Pink. They say navy is the new black, especially for 2012!

9. Grey and Yellow. For the simpler bride, who doesn't like a lot of color these two colors make the perfect combo. Very clean looking.

10. Black with many colors. I love the thought of all different bridesmaids dresses especially ones that the girls can wear again. So tell all your bridesmaids to pick out a black dress, you approve it and then get crazy colorful bouquets.

**All photo's from Laura Ivanova Photography, she is one of my favorite Minnesota wedding photographers**

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