Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Giving Away Your Garden

Finding the proper and most useful favor for your guests can be A. expensive and B. frustrating. I recently read a blog about a couple who gave away items that they grew in their garden. They personally canned mushrooms, pickles, etc. for their guests to take home. Not only does this allow your guests to take home something they may actually use, but think of how much money you could be saving!

If you're planning a late spring early summer wedding try planting items in your garden for you to give away as favors. Get some cheap mason jars online or, Walmart even sells mason jars in bulk. Start gardening and then start packaging, your guests will love it.

Some Gardening Favor Ideas:
*Homemade Jam

Here are some photos from the Northwoods Wedding Blog that I read, check out how cute this brides favors are!

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