Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Unique Table Setting

It's amazing how the littlest things at a wedding can make you think "Wow, what a cool idea!". The smallest amount of detail can really fascinate your guests, and it doesn't have to be expensive. I've noticed a lot of brides lately adding little touches to their table settings and I've been thinking of random ideas myself that I'd love to share.

Charger plates--
They always make your table setting look creative and without spending a lot of money, charger plates are almost necessary. Here's an idea for a music loving couple. Use old records! Place old vinyl record under all your plates, heck paste stickers over the album name and put your names and date on the records, guests can even take these home! Such a cool idea.

Or here's another idea for a "rustic wedding" use old slabs of wood as charger plates. This will make the rustic theme in itself. You can find these huge wood pieces pretty much anywhere online. Note: they aren't the cheapest way to spice up your table setting, but definitely cute.


Silverware Setting--
Here's a great spot to add color, texture or creativity. Instead of just laying your silverware on a napkin or wrapping it up, find an interesting way. Wrap the silverware in burlap, or lay the silver ware on a mitten! This is my favorite idea I've seen yet! For a winter wedding, buy $1 mittens (at Target or Walmart) and lay your silverware on the mitten. Each table could have a different color or everyone could match, I'm obsessed!

For an autumn wedding, use leafs! Either real or fake leafs will work. Place your silver ware on bright, orange leafs, it'll add color and excitement when your guests see your table.


And lastly...
Place card holders--
I've done an entire blog entry on place cards before and I can't push enough how easy it is to make your place cards and place card holders unique.  Depending on your theme and the timeliness of your wedding you can do numerous things with your place card holders.
Like pine cones for a fall wedding, or wine corks for a wedding at a winery, the options are unlimited.

Even if you only add one interesting thing to your tables, it'll be worth it. Try to steer away from the generic napkins and votive candles that the reception venue supplies. It only takes a few dollars and a few hours of your time to pop in some originality.

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