Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bright Summer Wedding aka MY WEDDING

I've been trying to find time to "interview" myself and do a blog about my wedding and today is the day! It'll be a little weird but I think the best way to describe my day to my readers is to do a blog like I do for everyone else.. a little Q & A.

The Day
June 18th, 2016

The Rings
My rings are from Wedding Day Diamonds
Biago's is from an online store called Stonebrook Jewelry

Ceremony and Reception
Both took place at the Minnesota Boat Club in St. Paul

The Dress
My dress was a strapless sweetheart neck, empire waste, horsehair ballgown with a lace sequin bodice.
From the Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul.
(I should work at Kleinfeld, shouldn't I?)
*I got my sash on Etsy and I was obsessed with it*
One thing I want to note: I absolutely loved my dress. I wanted a dress that was obnoxious. I wanted people to remember it and I wanted to feel like a princess. One thing I didn't think about, the alterations. They were very expensive. Because of the detail throughout the skirt, it was very hard to hem and because the top was so stiff and had so much boning it was hard to bring it in, which ultimately made my alterations very expensive. So think about that when you buy a dress.
Here's another little tidbit- I didn't allow my dad to see my dress 'til the day of. That was very special. If you know my dad, you know he loves me and my sister more than anything and me getting married was HUGE to him... at times I thought he was more excited than me. Seeing the look on his face when he saw me for the first time in my dress was seriously a tear jerking.

The Bridesmaids Dresses
Jasmine Bridal from The Wedding Shoppe
The personal attendants got their dresses at two completely different places and somehow they totally matched, I told them royal blue and it worked out perfectly.

From Savvi Formalwear
The boys' were grey, Biago's was a deep navy blue.

Hair and Makeup
Chanda from The Beehive Salon in Excelsior did my hair (she's married to my cousin) and did an amazing job, I absolutely loved my hair!
My Makeup was done by Makeup by Dawn, whom I found on Facebook.

Carver Flowers, Carver, MN 
I originally started with fake flowers because I cannot fathom spending hundreds of dollars on something that is going to die... but then my mom didn't like the fake flowers and stepped up and paid for my real flowers. The budget was still really, really low for flowers and I ultimately wish I could have gotten something much better... but you get what you pay for.  

 I never really dreamed of my cake, didn't really care about it until I discovered naked cakes. I am in love with strawberry shortcake so I wanted my cake to be berry flavored and let me tell you, it was amazing. We continuously got compliments on how good our cake was.
Our cute cake topper was from Chick Design Boutique on Etsy.

Studio U Photography and Design, Carver, MN
Megan is seriously amazing! She was so sweet, a pleasure to work with and the photos really show it, she's so good! If there's one thing I'm happy I spent money on it was our photographer.

Good Times Bus Lines

Shawn Vougeot

Big Island Band
 One of the grooms speculations was that we had to have a band... we looked for months and months and finally came across the Big Island Band and agreed. We loved them! They were so much fun, everyone was dancing all night, I highly recommend getting a band over a DJ.

What's one thing you had to have on your big day?
We had to have an indoor-outdoor venue. We both have been to so many weddings where it felt stuffy and that's the last thing we wanted. We wanted our guests to be able to go outside and inside while still staying together. The Boat Club was literally perfect. The view of the city overlooking the water, it reminded us of Tuscany. 

What is one memory you wont forget about your big day?
 So many! 

But the one that pops into my mind is almost having a full-blow-pass-out-panic-attack before I saw my groom. I have never had a panic attack before or passed out before, but I imagine this is what it would have felt like... my maid of honor and bridesmaid were getting me dressed in a tight bathroom, they were tugging, and pulling, and pinching at me to get my dress on and suddenly I felt like I needed to breathe, sit down, throw up, scream, pass out, put on a sweater and lie down all at the same time. It was terrifying. I didn't feel nervous. I just felt overwhelmed and needed a fricken minute!
 If that makes sense?

But then, on my way down to him, to our "first look", literally it was like every single emotion melted away. I have never felt more at peace and happy in my entire life. For the rest of the day I was fine. I didn't feel nervous walking down the aisle or tying the knot or kissing in front of everyone. 
Seeing him made everything better.

If you could do one thing differently what would you do?
Because I'm a "wedding whore" and I notice things others probably don't, so I have a lot of things I would do differently, to name a few:

 *I would have invited only people I know would have came (if that's possible). Over 18 guests didn't show, even though they RSVP'd, only 2 of them had a good excuse. There were literally empty tables... as I was sitting there at the head table I was like, "where is everyone?!" It was very frustrating to know hundreds of dollars were spent on those people. I know it sounds petty but, I will never look at those people the same again.

My advice to guests: do not RSVP and then not show up, and if its out of your control, send a gift or money in replace of what the bride and groom probably spent on your meal.

* I would have spent more money on my flowers, even though they die, the pictures last forever.

*I would have did my makeup differently. 

*And I would have spent more on the food, although my guests liked it, I wasn't even really a fan.

Advice for brides on their day?
Take several moments throughout the day to soak it in. Everyone always says, "the day flies by!" and it truly does. I took several times throughout the day to just look around and breathe and remember everything happening at that time and I would definitely recommend that to other brides.
It really feels like the whole day was a dream.


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