Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Colors!

I know January is just about over so I figured I better come up with my colors list for 2014. Ultimately I pick my favorite wedding colors for the year and share what I think will be the most popular themes for brides. Hoping to inspire brides who are getting married this year and help them select their color schemes. Remember, this is all my personal opinion, in no particular order...

1. Pantone's and Radiant Orchid aka Purple.
Mixing all different shades of purple can be really eye catching, especially for a fall wedding. Try popping in touches of fuchsia and grey.

 2. Violet and Blue.
I don't love this color combo, but I think more brides will steer clear of the typical pink, rustic weddings like last year and dabble into more crisp colors.

3. Shale Blue and Cream
Sticking with my blue theme... shale blue and cream go so well together! It's not quite as vibrant as the two previously listed, shale blue is much more subtle and would be really pretty in a rustic, spring wedding.

4. Coral and Turquoise
 I'm obsessed. I may have also listed this one last year. But it's so cute! Especially when you incorporate the latest chevron trend. I've noticed some brides taking coral dresses and putting turquoise necklaces with them, love it!

 5. Different shades of pink
Who says you can't do a pale pink with a hot pink? If you love pink, why not?
"Her colors are pink and pink!"- Steel Magnolias (my favorite movie) 

6. Rose gold, pale pink and chocolate.
This is very sexy and posh to me.

7. Grayed Jade.
This is so, so different, and so pretty. It's almost natural looking. Sensual, eco, lovely.

8. Wine Red
Not your typical "Valentines Wedding." Wine red is sophisticated. Pair it with black lace or gold.

9. Canary yellow, teal, fuchsia, marigold... Bollywood
Colors, colors, and more colors! If you can't decide on a few colors, why not have lots of color! Patterns everywhere with an India feel.

10. Gold, white, blush
Picture a country club wedding with white flowers. Gorgeous and very mature.

 **all images were taken from Pinterest**

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  1. I wish I could get married again! Lol. I love #6, Rose gold, pale pink, and chocolate!