Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Green Acres Barn

I have so many good friends who are engaged and planning their weddings that I've been trying to find new, fun, different venues in the area to share with them and I recently came across Green Acres Barn in Eden Prairie. I toured the barn this past weekend and it's literally the most unique venue around.

I really love seeing new venues and reviewing them. I usually have a few requirements when I look at venue and I'm probably more logical than most females when it comes to venues. I think something close, convenient and cheap is literally the best venue you can find, and when a location is all of those things and beautiful it's almost too good to be true.

Green Acres Barn
Location: Eden Prairie, MN
Price: $$-$$$ Depending on season and time

Size- up to 260 people
Ceremony Site- Indoor or outdoor options
Chairs and Linens Provided- Yes

Lots of quirky little decor, including a gold water fountain, hanging horse and cow pictures, old antiques, and outdoor "cow chairs" which are great photo opps.
The barn is a beautiful renovated spot with lots of unique appeal. It includes a wine cellar, an outdoor fireplace with "outdoor potties" that are air conditioned with a sound system!  Large windows with great views and a complete Bose sound system which allows couples to connect iPod's,  rather than hiring a DJ. The whole barn is fully heated and fully air conditioned for perfect comfort levels.

Although a lot is included in the price, it is rather expensive. The location has no on site parking so all cars must be valeted, the valet service is offered by the venue, this may be inconvenient for some guests. If you're not into an eye-catching, over the top look than this venue may be a little too much for you. It definitely takes a different person to appreciate all the unique decor.

The barn includes several "hidden" rooms which are great for pictures and a wine cellar for the bride to hide out in while her guests arrive.

The upstairs reception area has large windows with a garage door option to close the view in case the light is ruining your pictures. The renovated flooring is gorgeous.

The chairs and tables included in the price are stunning.

 Huge crystal chandeliers surround the super high ceilings throughout the venue.

Over all, I'd personally rank the venue with a B+

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  1. This venue looks breathtaking! Would you recommend as a winter wedding spot?