Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Getting Grooms Involved

Sometimes the hardest part about planning is getting your groom involved. Planning weddings is quite frankly boring to most men. And as much as you want them to help, odds are they'd rather be playing video games or shooting hoops with their friends. Here are some subtle ways to get your groom to help you plan.

Feed him
It's no secret, men love food. Let your groom know he's getting free cake or free food out of the tasting and I'm sure he wont mind coming along and making a few decisions. In my opinion, this is the number one things guys like to participate in.

Let him pick the honeymoon
After all, you've picked everything else out. Let him decide where he wants to go on your honeymoon and have him contact a travel agent or book the hotel room. This takes something off your shoulders and allows him to surprise you a little.

Does he like to dance?
A lot of guys really enjoy music and would like to have a say in what is playing at their wedding. They want to have a good time too. Let him decide the band or DJ. Just tell him that if he books the DJ then he doesn't have to listen to Britney Spears all night long ;)

Let him wear what he wants
It's his day too. Let him go to the tux store and select his own tux color, tie color, shoes and all. Obviously some guys have no sense of style so you're going to want to tag along just to make sure your groom doesn't end up looking like Llyod from Dumb and Dumber. But let him play dress up and make the final decision on the tuxedos.

Location is key
Pick a venue location that a groom wouldn't mind tagging along too. A golf course, a restaurant, heck- even a football stadium. Throw in a few venue options that you know he'll want to come check out with you.  The decision in the end is both of yours, but ask him where he would like to get married, and go check them out... no matter how crazy they may be.


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