Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"You're in this together, now and forever."

Rachael and I were college roommates in Duluth and we have kept in touch since we graduated in 2008. Knowing that I love weddings, she told me years ago that if she ever got married I would be helping her plan, so when her and Nick got and engaged I couldn't wait to help. After months, and months of me annoying her with weekly emails and messages making sure she was on track with her planning, her and Nick finally tied the knot and now I get to blog about it!

When and where was your wedding? Why did you choose this venue/date?
August 1st, 2014 at the Clyde Iron Works in Duluth, MN. We chose the venue because it is in the city where we met and fell in love and it fit our personalities. We didn't want anything too fancy and we wanted our family and friends to be comfortable and more importantly have fun. Once we quickly realized 2014 dates were booking up we picked Friday, August 1st. Although I struggled with the idea of a Friday wedding it turned out great because people got to stay in Duluth and enjoy the weekend. 

Where did you get your tuxes?
Men's Wearhouse (I DO NOT RECOMMEND). They lost our information many times and had horrible customer service. Everything was right in the end mostly because I was psychotically checking up on them.

Where did the bridesmaids get their dresses?  
All over! I sent them an email in February with some ideas and they did the rest. I didn't end up seeing all of them until the day of the wedding and they did an amazing job. 

Who was your photographer? 
Al & Lyndsey Johnson from On3 Photography and they were fun to work with.

Who made your pies? 
What was one thing on your wedding day that you absolutely HAD to have?  
A band. I'm a big music fan and I love the energy of live shows. I wanted the reception to have that same feel and I'm glad my fiance' agreed.

 What was DIY at your wedding?  
You mean DiWHY? Kidding... I had a lot of fun making everything even if I got a little over my head sometimes. With help from my Mom/Dad/Nick/Bridesmaids I was able to make: save-the-dates, invites, programs, ceremony backdrop, tree decorations, pie stands, marquee letters, place cards, table numbers, signage and a life-size cut out of our dog Lucy. 

If you could do one thing over what would you change? 
 I would clone Nick and myself so we could spend more time with everyone. The day is such a blur and all of your favorite people are there but there just isn't enough time.

Who helped you most with planning/preparing?  
My mom did so much and was always on board no matter what crazy idea I had. My planner, Amanda also helped me stay on track throughout the year planning and then took care of literally everything the day of, I didn't have to worry about one thing.

What was your favorite part about your big day?  
I don't know if I could choose just one. Walking down the aisle with my parents and seeing Nick up there, the feeling of excitement, and relief after the ceremony and dancing with our family and friends all night would probably be my top three. 

What is your advice to future brides planning their wedding?  
Use Google docs for everything. Start early on anything DIY because I promise you something will go wrong. Don't expect everything to be perfect, this event is an expression of yourselves, but it's not all you'll ever be. Embrace the unexpected, and each others' opinions, and don't let an unattainable ideal sour the big picture: You're in this together, now and forever.

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