Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crafty Bride

One thing I am not is crafty. I try to be. I literally attempt crafty projects all the time and then half way through them I either quit or I finish it really fast... just to get it over with and the project ends up looking horrible. I envy crafty people. And I really, really envy crafty brides.

I love the look of DIY things at weddings but I want something simple enough so someone like me can do it, here are a few projects I have in mind...

The DIY Card Box-
Take a few boxes and wrap them up in a themed paper, place them on top of one another and cut a hole for the cards, even I could do this.

 The DIY place card display-
Use an old ladder or just string yarn somewhere in your venue and attach the place cards to the yarn by a paper clip or clothespin. Looks super cute!

The DIY table number display-
Use old wine corks, pine cones, picture frames, or even forks!

 The DIY Sign idea-
Use an old chalk board, or some plywood and paint, create a cute sign to hang during cocktail hour or even in the bathroom at the wedding.

The DIY Favors-
Give away something you've created. Make your own candles, fill your own candy bags, or give away little bottles of liquor that you've spiced up.

There are literally hundreds of things you can do yourself to give your wedding a personal feel. Don't get stressed out about it and do not try and do everything DIY. Ask for help and pick a few things that you really, really like and want to do, don't try and do them all, especially not by yourself. Get crafty!

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