Friday, June 3, 2016

15 Days Away...

I decided today I really wanted to write about how I'm feeling, as we are about 2 weeks away from the big day. I want to remember how I felt so I can describe it to brides... because honestly, it's way different being the bride, rather than the planner.

As a planner, I encourage the brides that this is an exciting time and there's nothing to worry about and nothing to be nervous over, but now I totally understand where they were coming from when they start to freak a little.

I'm not worried to be married or that I've chosen the wrong guy.. it's just the anticipation of everything coming together and knowing that the big day is just lingering in front of us. Seeing everything I've planned for, wished for, dreamed of, finally come true... that's scary. I'm not worried something will go wrong, 'cause at this point I don't really even care. I'm nervous to walk down the aisle, stand in front of 128 people, hold back tears, try not to faint, or throw up. I'm anxious about dancing in front of people and kissing in front of people because if anyone knows us, we are not about the PDA. I'm worried we wont have enough time to talk to everyone. I'm worried it'll all be a blur.

I'm also excited. So excited to see my friends and family all in one place. I keep telling myself, "It's just like hosting a big party for everyone you love!", hoping that'll help calm the nerves. I'm excited to wear my dress. I'm excited to smell the flowers. I'm excited to eat our yummy cake. I'm excited to see the venue glowing in candlelight and decorated with everything we picked out. I'm excited to see my mom dressed up with hair and makeup done. My dad in a tux. Our wedding party in everything we've picked for them. My nephews in ties! These are the things I cannot wait for.

I know it's just a day, and I know when it's all done I'll look back and wonder why I was so anxious. Everything will be fine.

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