Friday, February 24, 2012

The Woods Chapel

I just wanted to quickly write about one of my favorite ceremony sites in Minnesota. The Woods Chapel in Orono is amazingly beautiful and has everything you'd want in a site. They have awesome videos on their website that really give you the full experience of what they have to offer. I will say they are a little expensive, but if your ceremony is really important to you, than you'll appreciate a great location. Plus your pictures will turn out so gorgeous!

The name of the site scared me a little (I've never been into Chapels or Churches), but the name reflects their Chapel onsite that you can choose to get married in, especially if weather doesn't cooperate. The outdoor location is much more whimsical. The greenery, the brilliant fountain that rests inside a mossy pond and all the rustic rock and brick work is stunning. It seats up to 300 people, so perfect for larger weddings.

Here is a link to their website...
The Woods Chapel

A friend of mine got married the The Woods in September, here a picture from that day..

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