Friday, September 14, 2012

The Dress of Your Dreams

I recently had an old friend email me asking to help her find the "dress of her dreams." She had a photo, one singular photo and it only showed the back of the dress. She's been searching for a while and couldn't find the dress, or anything similar.

(The photo of the gown my friend sent to me)

When I saw the dress I instantly thought, "Pnina Tornai!" It looks so much like Pnina, an amazing wedding dress designer who is known for her exquisite detail, beautiful sparkle, and corset design. I don't know for sure that this is a Pnina gown, but it looks an awful lot like what she has done before. Unfortunately Pnina gowns are only sold in New York City at one location and go for around $10,000+. 

I gave my friend the bad news, unless she goes to New York and has thousands of dollars to spend on a Pnina she will have to settle with something similar. So here are the options I gave her...

1. Find a used Pnina on Ebay, Craigslist, or any used bridal gown site. The gowns will be cheaper than the originals, but they may be dirty and may not be able to be fitted to your body perfectly like the original would be. It is a good option but has some down falls too.

Great used bridal gown websites:
2. Demertrios Bride does an amazing corset-beaded-sparkle bridal gown, almost as good as Pnina, but half the price. 

3. The Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul has plenty of look-a-like Pnina gowns with corset tops. Here are some of the ones I found on their website.

Eventually my friend may find this dress, but by then it may be too late and the gown might not actually look how it looks in the photo. In the end if you're looking for gown that you can't seem to acquire, bring the photo to your consultant and do the best you can to get the look you love.

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  1. Simply stunning dresses. I especially like the second one. Would look great with the Bridesmaid Dresses that I have my eye on.