Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vibrant October Wedding

Even on a cold October day you can make a wedding gorgeous. My all time favorite color for a fall wedding is purple. Fall leaf colors go so well with all different shades of purple. And this fall wedding couldn't be more vibrant. Kristen and I went to high school together and I was so excited when I saw that she got married, I couldn't wait to blog about her day. 


When was your wedding? 
October 6, 2012.

The ceremony was at Family of Christ Lutheran Church in Chanhassen and the reception was at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska.

How did your husband propose?
I was visiting Glen in San Fransisco, we went out site seeing one day. He was being really weird all day. I thought he was mad at me. We went to fisherman's wharf and then headed to look at the Golden Gate Bridge. When we got there it was so cloudy and hazy out that we couldn’t even see the bridge. I wanted to walk around and try to see it but Glenn awkwardly told me we had to get going. We drove down to Sausalito, a little coast town. Glenn knows I am not keen on being the center of attention and so therefor would not like a public proposal. He took me down by the water and waited until there was a clearing where there were no people and popped the question. Of course I said yes. Funniest part of the story is that we walked back to the car right after so I could call my parents. Glenn had asked their permission before hand so they knew he was going to ask sometime on our trip, but they were also on road trip of their own in Canada. When we got back to the car I had an email from them telling me they were going to not have cell service for a few days and that they would call me when they had service again. While I waited for them to call I tried to get a hold of my little brother who was in college. It took a few hours for me to finally get a hold of them all, and I wanted them to be the first to know. So I was so excited to tell everyone, but couldn’t for the first few hours we were engaged. Hardest secret ever to keep.

Where did you get your rings? 
Glenn’s extended family owns a clothing store in Lancaster, a small town in Wisconsin. We got our rings there and Weber Bros. 

Where did you get your dress?
I got both my dress and the bridesmaid dresses from the Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul.

The Tuxes?
The clothing store I mentioned above. They are a Nedrebo’s dealer so Glenn’s uncle brought the tuxes in for us from his store. Being that almost all of Glenn’s groomsmen were from out of town, and some were not able to get into town until the day of the wedding, there was a lot of last minute changes that needed to be made. Steve was able to make it all happen, even getting one of the groomsmen an entire new tux the day before the wedding, all while being 4 hours away from his store.

Where did you get your cake?
My Aunt owns a fantastic dessert and cake company called Desserts by Design. She has the best carrot cake ever. She made carrot, almond and chocolate cupcakes for us, as well as a 2 tiered cake for the head table, one tier or chocolate and one of carrot. Also, she made us a smaller cake to freeze and eat on our first anniversary. It was all beautiful. She even realized we probably would not have time to eat cake on our actual wedding day so she brought us a gift box with one of each cupcake in it the next day at our gift opening.

We worked with Scheryl Goetze at Flowers by Scheryl for our flowers. Everything turned out beautifully and she was able to make a number of recommendations of things we never would have thought of, things like how to re-use all the flowers from the church at the reception.

Who was your photographer?
Camera Love was our primary photographer. We worked with Amanda and she was wonderful. We also used our friends Brandon Wikman and Sarah Howard, who are both photographers.

What was your favorite part of the day?
Honestly it was all such a blur of a day. I think that my favorite part was having all of our friends and family together. Our wedding party was primarily from out of state, a good majority of our families are also from out of state. Glenn grew up in Wisconsin so all of his childhood friends are from out of state. We had a wide array of states represented at our wedding. Wisconsin, Colorado, California, Florida, Oregon and I am sure there are some that I am missing.

Who helped you most with the planning?
My mom and Glenn. They were both FANTASTIC. I have heard from so many people that they have never seen a groom who helped with all the wedding planning as much as Glenn did. I don’t think there would have been a wedding without my mom. She did a majority of the tasks and kept me on task and motivated. When you get engaged no one tells you how much work planning a wedding is and how stressful it can be, but honestly my mom and Glenn were so awesome.

What's one thing you would tell a bride who is planning a wedding?  
 STAY ORGANIZED. Other than the few little hiccups all our day was seamless. That is 100% due to being organized. My mom and I had so many spreadsheets, binders and lists. There are so many lists online to get you started. Also, get help! Like I mentioned above, there is no way I could have done this without my family. Finally, don’t worry about the little hiccups on the big day. No one will notice them. The biggest hiccup we had was that our uplighting wasn’t delivered. But no one knew it was supposed to be there so no one missed it.

If you could change one thing about your day what would you change?
 Slow it down. Everything went so fast that I spent the week after just trying to figure out what all happened, if I talked to everyone, if I took all the pictures I wanted. And, I wish it could have been a little warmer out, but mother nature had different plans.

Did you do any DIY things? Invitations or centerpieces?
We DIY’ed a lot. I have a graphic design background so I made anything printed. Save the dates, invites, table numbers, menu cards, bar signs, thank you cards and lots of other little details. My mom had addressed all the invites and the two of us even got my dad and Glenn to help assemble the invites. I also built the online RSVP form. My mom assembled, stuffed and sealed all our favors. We gave gift boxes that had a pop up that said “Love” and filled them with Lindor Truffles. She also made all the place cards complete with fake flowers to distinguish what meal people ordered. She made the card box. She made 40+ gift bags for the out of town guest. She was basically a DIY rockstar.

What was one thing you splurged on?
The venue was more than I would have liked it to be, but when you invite 500 people to your wedding you don’t have a lot of option on venues. But I guess the one item I could say I splurged on was my dress. I am almost 6’1 and so nothing ever fits me right. I decided that for once in my life I was going to have something fit me perfectly. 

Was there something you did to cut costs?
We were budget conscious, but there wasn’t really anything we wanted to have that we cut out. We did DYI a lot as you can see, but I think once we realized our guest list was as big as it was we also realized we were not going to be able to cut costs too much. We did a lot of online price comparison of stuff, and my dad is a master negotiator. We also have very talented friends and family so we were able to leverage them for a lot.





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