Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Houston Wedding Follow up...

So as most of you know, I helped my cousin plan her wedding in Houston last month and I just want to share some of the events from that day.

The weekend started off very chaotic but we were all very excited to get to Houston. My sister, my boyfriend, a cousin of mine, and I drove from Minnesota on Wednesday night through the night and arrived to Houston around noon, the rehearsal was that night around 4pm. Although I was pretty tired from not sleeping much in the car there was still a lot to be done before everyone arrived. Stef needed help with creating a timeline for her wedding party, explaining how to set up the tables the following day, and of course I was in charge of the whole wedding rehearsal, which actually went off without a hitch.

Note to brides...
Stef had an uneven amount of bridesmaids and groomsman. 4 bridesmaids and 8 groomsman. If this happens in your wedding you have two options for the ceremony.
1. Let the girls walk down with two guys on each side of her.
2. Let the guys walk in alone before the girls and the girls walk in alone to follow-- this is the option we went with for my cousin's wedding.

After a night of partying and some more organizing, Friday was the big day! The wedding luckily wasn't until 6pm and the florist and venue coordinator were taking care of most decor, I was only in charge of making sure everyone was there on time, things weren't forgotten and switching the room over from ceremony to reception, with the help of an aunt, my sister and the grooms sister.

Note to planners...
When something comes up on the wedding day, do not ask the bride her opinion, answer the question yourself. There's no need to bug the bride on their day. 
For instance- While setting up the reception cite a few things had to be moved around do to lack of space, not otherwise noted in the floor plan, I made the necessary corrections and my cousin didn't even notice.

Almost everything went smoothly, and only a few things got shuffled, but I'm pretty sure I was the only one who noticed the mistakes in the ceremony and the tardiness of some people. Everything ended up going very good and I really enjoyed helping plan this wedding. I got so much more insight on things... saving money, spending money, bridesmaid drama, drama in general, timeliness, and how really truly chaotic weddings are on the day of the event.

So happy for my cousin! Her wedding interview will be coming as soon as she gets photos back from the photog!

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