Thursday, April 4, 2013

Escort Cards

One thing brides forget while getting caught up in wedding planning is escort cards. Most of the time a bride doesn't even know what an escort card is. If you're having a served meal or your guests are required to select their meal choice then you will need escort cards to tell them which table they are seated at.

Here are just a few ways to creatively display and make your escort cards.

1. Double your escort cards as a favor. Put your guests name and table number on a sticker and put it on the favor you're giving away. A coke bottle, a box of candy, or even sparklers for your exit at the end of the night.

2. Create a chalk board or an old window to list names and table numbers on.

 photos from pinterest

3. Buy card stock and write the names and table numbers yourself, create each card stock into a table tent or use clothes pins or wine corks to stand the escort cards up.

photo from beau-coup.com

4. Get crafty and use a string to hang the table numbers from tree to tree at an outside reception. Or use ladders!

5. Having a themed wedding? Use pumpkins in the fall or ornaments for a Christmas wedding, these can also double as favors.

Don't spend a large chunk of your budget on your escort cards, most of the time this is something people don't notice. But if you have a large budget or you're really crafty, unique escort cards could definitely spice up your reception site.

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