Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rustic Wedding

Every year brides go crazy over a specific theme. And I feel like this year it's the "rustic theme." Burlap, lace, wood, mason jars, chalk boards, etc. The idea is gorgeous and I understand why the trend is catching on.

I wanted to share some ideas I think are cute enough to go along with the rustic theme, but original enough to make sure your wedding isn't like every other brides.

Wooden Centerpieces
Make your own centerpieces by chopping some wood! 

Use Baby's Breath
Instead of flowers use baby's breath, not only does it have the rustic, country feel but it's super inexpensive. Use old wine bottles or shop at the Goodwill for old vases, plop in some baby's breath and your centerpieces will look flawless.

 Serve a rustic signature drink
Give your guests something to sip on that makes them feel like they're in a barn even if they aren't. Sweet tea or lemonade. The kids at your wedding will love this. Give everyone their own mason jar to drink out of, heck, put your date on it and make that your favor.

Dress your wedding party accordingly
Light colors, pastels, tans, greys. Not too matchy-matchy.

The rustic theme is honestly the most popular wedding theme for this year and next year in my opinion, look online and have fun with your rustic theme. Get creative! 

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