Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Simply Casual

I have known Jami since college, my good friend Abby actually lived with Jami for a few years while we were in Duluth. When I saw that she got married, I knew her wedding was going to be beautiful, casual, and simple. I could not wait to interview Jami and blog about her gorgeous wedding day. Sometimes brides do get caught up in over priced, ridiculously over the top weddings. Take a look at how Jami brought her big day back to the basics of what marriage is really about, love.

 The Proposal
 We were camping at St. Croix Falls and he had a whole day planned out on an itinerary. (This did not even phase me because he is always super organized)! We set up our gear, did a boat tour, hiked around and had some lunch. Then we went on one last hike to what we heard to be a really pretty look-out spot. He was setting up the camera to take a picture of us with the timer, and non-chalantly handed me the itinerary and asked me what was up next for us. At some point during the afternoon he had switched it, and at that current time it read "Ask the woman of my dreams to marry me." By the time I realized what was happening he was in front of me on one knee with a ring. I started crying instantly, and of course said yes. I was completely surprised! He had champagne and rose petals waiting for us back at the campsite. Best day ever.

When and where was your wedding?
We got married on Saturday, February 16, 2013. Our wedding was at Wooddale Church in Edina, MN. It was very small and intimate (close family and friends). Our reception dinner was at Old Spaghetti Factory in Minneapolis. We had dinner, speeches, a slideshow and mingled. It was perfect. A small group of us went out afterwards to continue the celebration. Very casual and informal, just how we wanted it to be.

The Rings
The rings are from Rogers and Holland.

The Dress
My dress is from Dena Marie Bridal... a small shop near where I used to live that I randomly walked into one day and found "the dress." The suits were also from Dena Marie. My bridesmaids picked out their own dresses, they were not a specific style or from a certain store.

I did not have a florist. Actually, we did not even have boquets! It was very simple. 
 Our photographer was Shawn Smith with BlueLine Photography. We absolutely LOVED him and his work. Not only was he creative, fun, flexible and personable, but he was also very reasonably priced and we received our pictures very quickly after our wedding. 

Hair and Makeup
 My best friend and I did my hair and I did my own makeup. As you've maybe gathered by now, our theme was classic and simple. 

The Cake
We had mini hot chocolate flavored cupcakes for dessert (from Target). They were absolutely delicious! 

Did you DIY anything at your wedding?
 Yes, I made the programs and the thank you favors for everyone at dinner. I love being creative and this was the perfect way to incorporate that into our wedding day. 

What was the one thing you absolutely needed at your wedding?
 My parents, grandparents, best friends, my brother and my (now) husband. They all helped to keep things in order and the whole day went very smooth. They also were constant reminders to keep everything in perspective and live in the moment. And in all honesty... a bagel. I think sometimes brides forget to eat, and I am so glad one of my bridesmaids had picked up bagels before heading to the church.

Who helped with planning?
 My grandma, (now) husband and two best friends helped out quite a bit.

What is one memory you wont forget from your big day?
 I will never forget the first time we saw each other before the ceremony. Originally I wanted to wait until walking down the aisle to see each other, but I am glad we did it beforehand. It was so personal, and it truly felt like we were the only ones in the whole church. 

If you could change one thing about that day, what would you change?
 I would try to talk more one on one with family at the dinner. Even though it was a smaller wedding, it was still tough to get real quality time with everyone. All in all though, it was a beautiful, fun day and I absolutely loved every part of it.

What advice do you have for other brides?
 Stay true to who you are as a couple, try not to get wrapped up in little things that maybe do not really matter, live in the moment and leave the worrying behind, remember what this is all about... you are about to start a new life with your best friend... enjoy every second of it!

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